In this week's Billboard cover story (issue on newsstands Monday 7.28, image below and here), legendary rockstar turned producer Mick Jagger and 'Get On Up' star Chadwick Boseman reveal what went on behind the scenes to bring James Brown back to life, and what Brown was like as an artist and person.

Jagger compares James Brown to modern artists, such as Jay Z and Puff Daddy, doing "that business thing" and Brown as a trailblazing entrepreneur who "took control":

​"​I mean, you look at Jay Z, for instance, and Puff Daddy. They’re very much into that business thing ​... James Brown was definitely a progenitor of that kind of businessman/performer.​"

​"Before James there was a dearth of people from the African-American community who were entrepreneurs. You weren’t expected to be an entrepreneur. ​​ If you were an entertainer, you were just paid and were told what to do and where to go. And you just did it. He was one of the first people that said, ​'​No. I want to take control.​'​ ​"​