Former Asia singer John Payne is suing Rock Vault Tours, the Las Vegas Hotel and Westgate Resorts over his firing from the show Raiding the Rock Vault.

Payne developed the format of the show, which plays at the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino and cover rock music from its inception, with David Kershenbaum and had been a bassist and singer in the show before being let go June. He is now suing the companies for continued compensation for a show that he helped develop.

John’s original agreement with Rock Vault Tours had him receiving 4.5% of the net box office receipts until the initial investment was recouped and 6.5% after that. His lawsuit alleges that, in May, he was forced to assign his rights to the show or be fired and that he did so without “adequate consideration.”

Because of the assignment of rights, Payne says he is no longer being paid the agreed royalties nor the $1,000 per performance that was also part of his deal. In addition, the lawsuit alleges slander for remarks made after his firing and violation of publicity rights as the defendants continued to use his likeness to promote the show after his termination.

Payne was lead singer for Asia from 1991 to 2006.

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