Ed Sheeran took time to ponder “one of life’s great mysteries”.

The 23-year-old Sing hitmaker is known for his humorous and authentic take on the world’s happenings.

And on Wednesday he shared a hilarious random thought with his nearly 10 million followers on Twitter.

“Did anyone ever find out who let the dogs out?” he tweeted, seemingly referring to the Baha Men’s Grammy-winning 2000 song, Who Let the Dogs Out?

“One of life’s great mysteries,” Ed noted.

The British musician is known for being close to many other stars, among them Pharrell Williams and Courteney Cox. Ed recently revealed he’s never embarrassed himself with any of his peers by drunk dialling in the middle of the night.

"No. I don't really like talking on the phone. I find I'd much rather do face-to-face," he told British magazine Heat.

Ed's first single from x, Sing, ended up becoming his first number one in the UK. He might be a superstar now, but the redheaded musician isn't living a lavish lifestyle.

“You never want to be wasteful,” he reasoned to irishexaminer.com previously.

“[I use] my Barclays [bank] student account. I’ve not upgraded because I don’t spend much money. If I had all my money in one account I would spend all of it, so I get an allowance.

“[I pay myself] maybe a grand. I really don’t spend much money. I spend most of it on taxis!”