Nicki Minaj thinks racism is “alive and well”.

The 31-year-old Starships rapper vocalised her sentiments on the current state of race relations to Twitter fans on Wednesday.
And although many people believe society has changed significantly in America since the 1960s Civil Rights Movement, Nicki believes prejudice persists.

“racism is alive & well,” she tweeted.

Nicki explained much of modern prejudice seems to be much more subtle than the overt racism previous generations experienced.

“some people have to put in work. others get to cut corners. we see it but don't say it. welcome to the real world,” she mused.
Nicki has sold millions of albums internationally since debuting with her Pink Friday LP in 2010.

She has also appeared as a judge on American Idol and landed a branding deal with MAC Cosmetics, amongst other professional feats.

The musician chose to leave fans with a positive perspective on how to counter ignorance.

“Continue to strive for GREATNESS,” she advised.

While judging on American Idol in 2012, Nicki sat on the panel with Mariah Carey and Steven Tyler.

Years ago, she accused the Aerosmith rocker of making a racist comment about her after he told MTV News he was confident the Super Bass rapper would have “sent [Bob Dylan] to the cornfield” should the folk singer have appeared on the show today.

Steven was also dismayed by the lack of “camaraderie” on the panel, ostensibly referencing Nicki’s feud with Mariah at the time.

The two stars used Twitter to voice their opinions, with Nicki accusing the 66-year-old of exhibiting racism.
Steven later apologised and assured his fans he was not racist.