Ariana Grande says her heart “hurts so much” now that her grandfather is dead.

The 21-year-old Love Is Everything singer lost her grandpa on Tuesday night to cancer and she spent weeks by his side in the hospital with other relatives.

The star took to Twitter Wednesday to express her grief over his passing.

“I lost you to the summer wind,” she tweeted. “if only y'all knew how amazing he was.. my ? hurts so much. It's beyond broken :'( but I got to hold his hand and watch him find his peace.”

Earlier this month Ariana cleared her schedule to spend as much time with her ailing grandfather as possible.

But according to the songstress, he always wanted her to focus on career commitments.

“only reason I made this twelve hour trip is grandps told me he wanted me to always be professional & fulfill my business commitments :(,” she explained, noting grandfather also wanted her older brother Frankie to remain on his reality show, Big Brother USA. “asked grandps last week if he wanted us to pull frankie off bb & he said ‘no way! he's gotta play the game even tho i don't understand it’”

In a series of tweets, Ariana demonstrated her pain through crying faces, purple heart and broken heart emojis.

She also thanked loved ones and fans for supporting her as she grieves.

“thaaaanks to my best friends who stayed up with me all night talking and helped me pull myself together temporarily this am. flyin back home,” she wrote.

“thank you for your continuous love & light over the past few weeks... we did lose my favorite person to ever exist yesterday, my grandpa :'(

“this is the hardest thing imaginable but I'm so grateful that I got to spend this time with him & my family. taking care of him & loving him

“we thank you so much for the continuous love.”