Nick Jonas is reportedly ready to relieve himself of a "burden" he's felt for years.

The 21-year-old star found fame alongside his older brothers Kevin and Joe in The Jonas Brothers. Last year they surprised many by announcing they had split, not long before they were due to go on tour. Nick later admitted he was the catalyst behind the breakup as his heart wasn't in the music anymore, and it's now been claimed he is looking forward to moving on with his life.

"Nick has spent years experiencing a burden that’s hard to explain. He’s not blaming anyone for it; it’s just what fame does to people, especially at a young age," an insider told New York Post. "Different people respond in different ways?-?some do drugs and act out, but his response was to conform to what he thought people wanted him to be. Remember, he was a 13-year-old kid when he became famous."

The brothers insisted "creative differences" were the reason for their split and nothing else.

They have been on hiatus before and Nick had taken the opportunity to make music with his side project Nick Jonas & the Administration and performed on the stage in musicals.

He is now going to appear in a mixed martial arts drama called Navy Street and has recorded a track called Chains, thought to be about how difficult he found being in the public eye as a teenager.

"For example: he thought that when he slept in a hotel room on tour, people would talk sh*t about him if he didn’t make his own bed. So he made it," the insider explained of Nick's skewed views on his celebrity growing up. "He feels free now for the first time in his life. He’s making music he believes in. He’s done apologising for everything and trying to be perfect. He’s just going to be himself; if people like him, great, if not, he’s done giving a sh*t."

Earlier this month it was claimed that Nick and his brothers have sorted through their differences and are considering making a comeback later this summer.

"The boys are extremely close and have realised that they need each other more than they would like to believe," a source told RadarOnline.