Jessie J thinks it's important to be a feminist.

The Domino singer is known for her feisty attitude and empowering lyrics. These reflect her own personal outlook, and she thinks it's essential that females stand up for themselves.

"I see myself as a feminist, I think it's important," she explained to British newspaper Metro. "When you are born female, it's the most amazing thing but it's hardcore and I think people underestimate the difficulties you through being a woman."

The 26-year-old star has achieved a great deal in her career since she first burst onto the scene with her first single Do It Like a Dude in 2010. Jessie admits she now feels that she can call the shots in her life.

"For me, I feel confident and powerful enough that sexism doesn't affect me anymore," she explained. "That's where you have to get to but not every woman is in a position where they can't allow it to not affect them."

As she noted, the raven-haired musician knows that not all women are in the same situation. But she believes it is her duty to use her platform as a celebrity to highlight such issues.

"I feel there are so many things that happen as a woman and as a young girl that are so dark," she added. "I feel obliged, whatever my fame is, to shed light on things that are dark. I'm lucky, [sexism] doesn't affect me anymore but millions of young women do go through it and don't know how to get out of it."