Ariana Grande has had to try and block out "insufferably loud frog sex" when trying to sleep.

The Victorious actress regularly updates her fans on her movements via social media. And on Monday the 21-year-old took to her Twitter account to release her frustration at being kept awake by some nocturnal goings on.

"There are always these loud ass frogs mating outside my window at home. please keep it down y'all. much appreciated (sic)," she tweeted.

The singer has had a busy time lately as her career continues to go from strength to strength and saw her secure her first UK number one single with Problem, which features Iggy Azalea. Promoting the single was no doubt tiring work so Ariana will need as much sleep as she can get. To try and combat the amphibian action, she resorted to finding some relaxing music to try and tune it out.

"Bought an ocean sounds app to block out the insufferably loud frog sex taking place outside my window, goodnight," she posted a few minutes after her first message.

The Sam & Cat star regularly takes to social networking sites such as Twitter to keep her supporters up to date on her life. For her recent 21st birthday she shared details of her celebrations as well as a cute pic of her cuddling up to Mickey Mouse during her visit to Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

"Spending my last few days as a non 21 year old in one of my favourite childhood places with my favourite people (sic),” she captioned the shot.