Name: Danica Muscat

Home town/city: Hal-Ghaxaq

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Song Title: Fearless

Writers: Philip Vella / Gerald James Borg

Your favourite international singer and song?: Laura Pausini - In assenza di te

Your favourite local singer and song? Claudia Faniello - One fine day

How long have you been involved in music?: Since I was 3 years old , my mother took me to my first singing lesson when I was 3 and since then I never looked back

What are your goals in music ? :I have taken part in many contests abroad such as 4 times in Ti Amo Romania , Tralcio d'Oro in Italy, in Macedonia and Poland where I managed to place first everytime, JESC 2007 when I placed second with the song Stolen, Io Canto where I participated in 13 programs and had the opportunity to sing with many Italian famous singers such as Ornella Vanoni, Ron, Pierre Davide Carone and the Priests, MESC 2012 with 7 days and MESC 2013 with Fantasy this is my past and does not ,mean I will stop here , for the future I am looking forward to improve these results .

Do you have a standard routine before performing?: Before I sing I normally find my mother and talk to her and relax as she usually makes me laugh alot, then I say a small prayer and I am ready to perform.

Name another Malta Hit Finalist you admire?: Janice Mangion

What’s your opinion regarding the music industry in Malta? : its coming along talent is emerging all the time...various exiting bands now we just need to find the right markets

Do you believe in collaborations? Who would you duet with? Yes as I think it is a good way to work with different characters and voices. I would choose Annabelle Debono as she has an amazing voice and I believe that the outcome of a duet with her would be very powerful.

How would you celebrate if you win Malta Hit 2014?: I think I would celebrate with my family as I believe that family comes first and after all they do for me everyday they deserve to share my win.

Your Message to Music News Malta followers?: Please support all local talent :)

Interviewed by Joseph Portelli