Sir Paul McCartney feels "invigorated" while performing.

The legendary Beatles musician may be 72 years old, but is still keeping himself busy with new music and his Out There tour, which he started last May and is set to wrap up in October this year.

Addressing the topic of retirement, Paul insists he has no plans to exit the industry and doesn't like the idea of not performing.

"A lot of people get fed up with life on the road, particularly when you've got a really nice home life. But for me, I want it all. I've got a great home life, and I've got a great life on the road – it's not like we're on a Greyhound bus anymore – and the audiences are just so warm, and the feedback is so good," the star, who is married to Nancy Shevell, explained to "People say to me, 'Don't you get tired?' It's a three-hour show, and I'm on stage every second. I keep thinking the laws of logic ought to apply and I ought to be really tired – but I'm invigorated. There's something about it that just gives me energy. And there's always a day off after it, which is more than we used to have."

Paul's shows may be long these days, but back when he was a part of the legendary group he admits things weren't as full on. He was joined in the Beatles by bandmates John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, who along with Paul is the only surviving member.

"Mind you, you look at the Beatles' set lists, really early days, it's half an hour – 35 minutes if we were feeling good, 25 if we were annoyed," Paul laughed. "I used to do half lead vocal, John would do half, so that's, like, 15 minutes each; then George would do something, Ringo would do something, so that's even less than 15 minutes. And you were way younger, so, physically, it was nowhere near the strain on you. But things have just grown like this, and I'm happy with it."