Justin Bieber’s dad Jeremy is “enabling his partying” according to a family friend.

The Beauty and the Beat singer has had a tumultuous time in the last year and his former squeaky clean image has gone out the window. A family friend now claims that the 20-year-old’s father is partly to blame for his behaviour.

“Jeremy loves his kids more than anything, but he’s enabling Justin’s partying,” Cory Bernier told In Touch Weekly before claiming, “When Justin was 18, I saw Jeremy give him [the prescription painkiller] Percocet. He said, ‘Try one of these, son.’

Justin liked the feeling and decided to go four-wheeling after taking it and ended up crashing into a pond.”

Jeremy and Justin’s mum Pattie were never married and she raised him with the help of her mother and stepdad. Justin has two younger half-siblings through his father, Jasmyn and Jaxon. But as there is such an age gap between when his father had his children, Cory believes Jeremy doesn’t always play the right role to his son.

“Jeremy loves to party and is being a friend to Justin, not a father,” he continued. “Justin needs guidance right now. He needs someone who will say ‘no’ — not someone who’s joining in with him.”

The elder Bieber was with his pop star son when he was arrested in Miami for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol, marijuana and prescription drugs.

After his release he travelled to Panama, where he spent time with his mum, dad and team - including his mentor Usher. It was suggested at the time that the group took a softly-softly approach with the star.

"They're not confronting him but giving him advice," a source explained to People magazine.