Michael Jackson knew every song on Shaggy's Hot Shot album.

The Jamaican-American rapper found worldwide fame in 2000 when he released It Wasn't Me, featuring Rikrok, from his multi-platinum selling fifth studio album.

While the song topped the charts all over the world, Shaggy was surprised to learn late King of Pop Michael was also a huge fan of the track. In fact, the Billy Jean singer liked it so much he requested Shaggy play it live at his 2001 30th Anniversary concert in Madison Square Garden.

"He told me that the story in the song sounded like something that would happen to him - so who knows, man? I just thought he was really clever and brilliant, and he knew every record on that album Hot Shot, which was very nice. And he just wanted to know everything about me," Shaggy smiled to British newspaper Metro.

"We maintained a kind of friendship; he was just a person that reached out to me. He just loved what I did and we ended up singing together, we ended up celebrating together. These moments are pivotal moments in my career that are great memories."

While Shaggy has taken a backseat from producing pop tracks, he's still busy making reggae music and has released seven albums since Hot Shot.

Prior to turning his hand to song making, the 45-year-old enlisted in the United States Marine Corps as a field artillery during the Gulf War. His army training has served him well, and taught the star how important discipline is in any walk of life.

"Anything in music requires a lot of discipline. And that is what is really instrumental. Listen, I make reggae, so anything I make, I have to make it ten times better because it's harder to break out with a reggae track.

"I have got to do the festivals, I have got to hit the clubs, I have got to do the meet and greet, I have to go through the in-stores, I have to physically be out there and that takes a lot of discipline," he explained.