Lana Del Rey feels “f**king crazy”.

The Video Games singer is known for her dark, haunting lyrics and vocal style. And in the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine, she opens up about her state of mind.

“Well, I feel f**king crazy. But I don’t think I am,” she told the publication. “People make me feel crazy. I find that most people I meet figure I kind of want to kill myself anyway. So, it comes up every time.”

The 28-year-old has released three studio albums, her latest offering being Ultraviolence. But the Summertime Sadness singer admitted she ideally likes to keep her music to herself.

“I just don’t want them to hear it at all. I’m very selfish,” she said. “I make everything for me, kind of. I mean, every little thing, down to the guitar and the drums. It’s just for me… I don’t want them to hear it and think about it. It’s none of their business!”
Lana may soon be writing about the breakdown of her relationship with fellow musician Barrie-James O’Neill. The couple had been together since 2011 and were rumoured to be engaged at one point. Last month, however, the starlet confirmed they had parted ways.

“We are currently not together,” she told Swiss outlet 20 Minuten. “He is a wonderful man. But there are certain things he has to overcome with. I will not give details. It was hard for our relationship. I was no longer feeling free. Let’s see how things go on from here.”