Dance music icon and pioneer, Fatboy Slim is a critically acclaimed producer and worldwide chart topper who has sold out venues for almost two decades and has reigned over a generation of dance floors. A household name since the mid nineties, Fatboy Slim, aka Norman Cook, has two Brit Awards and ten MTV Video Music Awards to his name.

In Episode 4 of her Superstar DJ’s series, Annie Mac is given an access-all-areas backstage pass into the life of one of Britain’s most successful solo dance acts. As Annie accompanies him on his touring schedule, you’ll begin to get an insight into how Fatboy Slim continues retain the crown as one of Britain’s greatest and most loved DJs.

In this six part documentary series exploring the rise of the superstar DJ featuring Tiesto, Seth Troxler, Disclosure, Diplo and tomorrow’s Fatboy Slim, Annie Mac and JJ Stereo, with support of Channel 4 and Ford, give you an exclusive insight into in the lives of the world’s most successful DJ’s. As dance music explodes across the globe and DJs find that they’re the rock stars of the twenty-first century, Annie investigates the cultural phenomenon of the DJ today. Annie explains, “In 2014 dance music has never been so omnipresent in popular culture, and the DJs at the epicentre of it have never been more revered. I think it's very important that we represented the full spectrum of dance music today".

To watch the full episode with Fatboy Slim, tune in Wednesday night on Channel 4, at midnight.