Lucy Hale was "scared" to get into the music industry.

The 25-year-old actress is best known for her role as high school student Aria Montgomery in Pretty Little Liars. However, she has recently moved into the world of music with her debut country album Road Between, which peaked at number four on Billboard's Top Country Albums chart.

Her record may already be a success but Lucy was initially worried about the reaction to her expanding her career, especially following the fate of some actress' transition.

“Country music is kind of all I know. I started in music and acting came as a surprise to me but I fell in love with acting and music kind of got put on the back burner," she told FOX411.

“It's scary because there are so many people who have come before me and have failed and not done a good job, but for me I’ve always been a musician at heart - I want to be the exception. I know I have a lot to prove and I know I have a lot of minds to change, but it’s a really good challenge and I think when people hear me talk about music, see me perform or listen to the CD, I think they’re like, ‘Oh now we get it.’”

The Memphis, Tennessee, native has settled in Nashville as of late - a nice break from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood. It seems the Southern surroundings had an effect on Lucy growing up and her love of the area's most popular genre of music.

“That's what I love about Nashville and what I love about that community, is that they want to see people succeed and people root for each other. I'm used to Hollywood where it's like dog eat dog and people are vicious, so it's nice to get to experience something so genuine and it's cool to feel welcome," Lucy smiled.

“I'm a southern girl, so country music was all around always. It was on the radio, it was what I watched on TV, it was what I would perform so when it came time to make an album there was no other option.”