In an interview with Billboard, Garth Brooks talks co-headlining his upcoming tour with Trisha Yearwood, competing against younger stars and making a comeback as a country icon.

On competing against younger talent Garth said "I'm glad I'm not going for a deal today, because the kids today my daughter's age are 10 times more talented than I'll ever be," he says. "They know and play everything. I'm watching my daughter at school, and I know my girl. I'm thinking 'She'll probably one of the better ones here.' I've got to tell you, there's probably ten kids that can outplay her on guitar or out-sing her. There's so much talent. I'm happy I got my deal back then."

On making a comeback he continued "I've waited 14 years, and it seems like the last two months are going to be the longest wait of all."

And on touring with Trisha Yearwood:"The tour is going to be Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood," he says, "so you get to run the planet with your best friend playing music, while your girls are healthy, thank God, and they're living their life finding their path. It's a pretty cool place to be in right now."