Nicole Scherzinger has finally found her sound.

The stunning singer is back making new music after taking a couple of years off to forge a career in TV.

After a successful stint as a judge on both the US and UK X Factor, Nicole is pleased she’s able to put music at the forefront of her life again.

“I love it [the album]. This song [Your Love] is a little more poppy than the rest, the album’s a little bit more R'n'B pop; it’s vibey, it’s cool, it’s got a lot of soul and it’s very personal to me. So I think a lot of women and a lot of girls will be able to relate to it. It’s kind of like the musical soundtrack to my life,” Nicole mused to British TV show Loose Women.

“What’s so great is I feel like we’ve finally found the sound, a Nicole sound as opposed to saying, ‘Wow, it sounds like everything else out there, anybody else could sing that song.'”

Nicole has recently opened up on her battles with bulimia, and has been honest about the dark place she was in while suffering.

Far from shying away from the topic, Nicole was happy to answer more questions on the illness that plagued her throughout her younger years.

“Anybody who’s ever battled with a disorder or a condition or an addiction, it’s very shameful. You feel very alone, you feel like nobody in the world could ever understand. And the addiction of that condition controls you, you don’t control it, and it’s very hard to break it. And it’s just a blessing I was able to,” she revealed.

The point at which the 36-year-old former Pussycat Doll star knew she needed help was when it threatened her singing career.

“It went on for many years, and I think when I realised I was going to lose what I love most, which was my voice… it started taking a toll on my chords and I’d seen doctors for it. And then I got help. And my life is so shamazeballs. I just want to be a light and inspiration.

“It’s hard but you can ninja it, all over,” she laughed.