The Kinks are to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their very first number one “You Really Got Me” with an extensive re-release programme covering their classic 1964-1970 catalogue.

The first album in the series will be 1970’s ‘Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One’, one of their best-loved and most influential albums.

A reissue campaign is being masterminded by BMG, who acquired The Kinks catalogue when it bought Sanctuary Records in 2013. BMG has partnered with Sony Music for the release programme.

The Kinks sound-tracked the sixties with the number one singles You Really Got Me, Tired Of Waiting For You and Sunny Afternoon as well as classics All Day And All Of The Night, Dedicated Follower Of Fashion and Dead End Street.

The first title to be reissued will be ‘Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One’, out on August 18th. This 2-CD reissue expanded edition comes with Mono and Stereo mixes as well as unreleased material and alternative versions, all re-mastered from original tapes by Kinks archivist Andrew Sandoval. The booklet, designed by award winning art director Phil Smee, comes packed with rare and unreleased images from the era plus new extensive liner notes written by Peter Doggett. Disc 2 features the 1971 soundtrack album ‘Percy’ which is also packed with fantastic bonus content.

‘Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One’ a conceptulized album, takes a satirical look at the various facets of the music industry including song publishers, unions, the press, accountants, business managers, and the road. Musically ‘Lola Versus Powerman’ is varied, drawing on the genres of folk, hard rock, and traditional British music hall.

Although it appeared during a transitional period for The Kinks, ‘Lola Versus Powerman’ was a success both critically and commercially for the group, charting in the Top 40 in America and helping restore them in the public eye. It contained two hit singles: Lola, which reached the top 10 in the US and UK, and Apeman, which peaked at number 5 in the UK.

‘Lola Versus Powerman’ was acclaimed by the music press. New Musical Express called "[Ray] Davies ... one of the finest writers in contemporary rock," and praised the record's British styles and originality. Melody Maker's interpretation of ‘Lola Versus Powerman’ was Davies "taking a cheeky nibble" at the pop music business; they continued that "The music's pure Kinks simplicity—but it works".

The ‘Lola Versus Powerman’ album has grown in stature and become a touchstone for many of the musicians they have influenced, from David Bowie to Mumford & Sons via Damon Albarn and Paul Weller. It also influenced the likes of filmmaker Wes Anderson who used three of the album tracks, This Time Tomorrow, Strangers and Powerman, in his film, The Darjeeling Limited.



Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround Part One
1. The Contenders (2.42)
2. Strangers (3.18)
3. Denmark Street (1.59)
4. Get Back in Line (3.04)
5. Lola (4.01)
6. Top of the Pops (3.39)
7. The Moneygoround (1.43)
8. This Time Tomorrow (3.21)
9. A Long Way from Home (2.26)
10. Rats (2.38)
11. Apeman (3.51)
12. Powerman (4.16)
13. Got to Be Free (2.59)
14. Anytime (3.32)
15. The Contenders (Instrumental Demo) (3.00)
16. The Good Life (3.16)
17. Lola (Alternate Version) (5.16)
18. This Time Tomorrow (Instrumental) (3.17)
19. Apeman (Alternate Stereo Version) (3.40)
20. Got to Be Free (Alternate Version) (2.02)
Tracks 1-13 originally released in 1970
Tracks 14-20 previously unreleased

1. God’s Children (3.17)
2. Lola (Instrumental) (4.42)
3. The Way Love Used to Be (2.12)
4. Completely (3.39)
5. Running Round Town (1.03)
6. Moments (2.56)
7. Animals in the Zoo (2.19)
8. Just Friends (2.35)
9. Whip Lady (1.18)
10. Dreams (3.42)
11. Helga (1.53)
12. Willesden Green (2.25)
13. God’s Children (End) (0.28)
14. Dreams (Remix) (3.21)
15. Lola (Mono Single) (4.06)
16. Apeman (Mono Single) (3.52)
17. Rats (Mono Single) (2.40)
18. Powerman (Mono) (4.25)
19. The Moneygoround (Mono Alternate Version) (1.39)
20. Apeman (Alternate Mono Version) (3.40)
21. God’s Children (Mono Film Mix) (3.16)
22. The Way Love Used to Be (Mono Film Mix) (2.04)
23. God’s Children (End) (Mono Film Mix) (0.49)

Tracks 1-13 originally released in 1971 / Tracks 15, 16, 17 originally released in 1970
Track 22 originally released in 1998 / Tracks 14, 18-21, 23 previously unreleased
All recordings re-mastered 2014