Keira Knightley used to like Rage Against the Machine because they cursed.

In her latest movie Begin Again the 29-year-old star plays Greta, a folk singer who is struggling to find her place in the world. Keira has to sing in the release, but has previously admitted music has never been that important to her.

There was one band she liked when she was younger though.

“I used to like Rage Against the Machine, but I think that was only because they swore in their songs,” she laughed to British newspaper The Guardian. “I was always more into reading and drama. I was such a geek. Which is quite interesting in terms of memory. There's often a huge link between music and memory. And I've got such a bad memory.”

Keira took on the role because she sees the film as having a positive message. In the past she’s starred in historical dramas and other heavy movies, so wanted to try her hand at something new.

The star’s breakthrough came in 2002’s Bend It Like Beckham. Looking back, the actress wishes she hadn’t found fame so early as she had a difficult time when she was a paparazzi staple – the star fought claims she had an eating disorder.

However, as she’s got older, she’s come to accept her career trajectory.

“I've definitely done all my learning publicly. And I've had to develop a thick skin because of that. So yeah, there would have been a comfortable way of doing it where I went to drama school and made tons of mistakes,” she said. “If you could choose how success happens, that's what I would have chosen. But of course you can't. And if a moment comes, you have to jump, because it probably won't come around again. So I chose to jump, knowing it was going to be brutal because I knew that I hadn't learned enough. I didn't know what I was meant to be doing."