John Mayer has shared a list of whacky article titles on his Twitter account.

The 36-year-old Grammy-winning musician has been tweeting a series of “listicles” this summer, which is defined by Urban Dictionary as “an article comprised mainly of a list of something annoying”.

And the humorous guitar player seemed to take a dig at internet news on Thursday with his newest eccentric litany by publishing messages that read like headlines.

“Nine Iconic Roles That Almost Went To Ernest Borgnine,” he wrote first, before quickly following up with: “14 Things Your Pants Are Saying About You Behind Your Back.”

His third and fourth messages were equally as abstract.

“Seven Zapruter Film Flubs,” tweet number three read, with the fourth raising goofy levels to a climax with: “21 Photos of People Trying To Light Cigarettes in the Wind.”

It seems the final messages of his July 10 listicle were a little more poetic than the others.

“The Three Home Lobotomy Party Fouls EVERYONE Makes,” John tweeted before concluding with: “The Seven Other Members of One Direction You Need to Know About Now (We're Swooning For Ronnie Tittles!).”

Earlier this week, John shared a series of interconnected thoughts related to music.

It appears he may have been referring to things in the natural world that inspire his songwriting.

“There is no song of the summer this year. You're the song of your own summer,” he wrote to over 500,000 followers. “There is no song of the summer this year. You're the song of your own summer.

“The song of the summer is the gentle breeze that blows through the trees, like a rural ocean tide.”