They’ve not only soared to the top of the charts and sold out venues across the world – Disclosure have changed the nature of British pop, opening the door for underground dance acts to flood the mainstream.

All this from a couple of brothers that only just finished school. The eldest, Guy, is 23. The youngest, Howard, is just 20. In Episode 3 of her Superstar DJs series, Annie Mac explores never seen before access to the most successful British dance act in a generation.

Watch the full 30 minutes with Annie as she visits the boys studio in Surrey to see where one of the most important dance albums of recent years was made- an album that's sure to be added to the pantheon of seminal dance albums like Dig Your Own Hole and Discovery. Annie also follows the boys on their US tour, and gets to see first hand the American crowds falling in love with them too.

In this series, Annie and JJ Stereo with the backing of Channel 4 & Ford, explore the meteoric rise of five of the most successful DJs of our time. Annie explains, “In 2014 dance music has never been so omnipresent in popular culture, and the DJs at the epicentre of it have never been more revered. I think it's very important that we represented the full spectrum of dance music today".

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