Damon Albarn stars in the first of a series of films commissioned by WeTransfer and featuring many of the most influential creatives today.

The short film, in the form of beautifully-shot ‘at-work’ video conversations, shows Albarn describing in detail how technology has changed the creative process for him: “The way music is recorded is now completely and utterly different because essentially it started out that you were recording the moment. It’s interesting because digitally enhanced music can, in a way, have the same effect as music created in the moment. This modern technology allows that to be possible,” comments Damon Albarn.

thecreativeclass.tv, is an ongoing video series showing on WeTransfer, demonstrates how some of the most influential people in the global creative industries marry technology with their passion and skills across music, art, fashion, design, and beyond and includes in the series, British designer, Tom Dixon, Austrian graphic designer and typographer, Stefan Sagmeister, British creator and musician, Fred Deakin and British shoe designer, Marc Hare.

The idea for ‘TheCreativeClass.tv comes in part from Richard Florida ‘s 2002 book, the Creative Class, which suggested this group of people would form the driving force for the social and economic development of our post-industrial cities.

Video 1 featuring Damon Albarn:

The Creative Class #1 - Damon Albarn from The Creative Class on Vimeo.

Video 2 featuring Tom Dixon:

The Creative Class #2 - Tom Dixon from The Creative Class on Vimeo.

Video 3 featuring Marc Hare:

The Creative Class #3 - Marc Hare from The Creative Class on Vimeo.

Video 4 featuring Fred Deakin:

The Creative Class #4 - Fred Deakin from The Creative Class on Vimeo.

Video 5 featuring Stefan Sagmeister:

The Creative Class #5 - Stefan Sagmeister from The Creative Class on Vimeo.