Chris Colfer says his new book is packed with “twists and turns”.

The Glee star is also a young adult author and he’s currently promoting the third tome in his best-selling Land of Stories series.

Chris describes the offering, entitled A Grimm Warning, as “an action-packed mystery historical thriller” and he advises fans not to skip a single page.

“There are so many twists and turns I wouldn’t want anything to be ruined,” he told MTV News. “It’s a story about an army from the past coming to the present and trying to conquer the fairytale world in the name of the French empire so it has a lot of twists.”

The 24-year-old says he first felt compelled to write this particular story as a young child.

And although Chris finds his Glee co-stars inspiring, their influence didn’t impact the content of A Grimm Warning.

“I was very, very young when I had the initial urge to write it and I had never met anyone [from the cast] when I was seven,” he laughed.

Chris reveals he and his castmates are happy to brainstorm with each other about ideas.

The star regularly engages in creative exchanges with Lea Michele and he also helped the actress with her first book, Brunette Ambition, which was released worldwide in May.

“I think I helped her pick out the cover because I told her that was my favourite one and then she told me it was called Brunette Ambition and I said I thought that was an amazing name,” he recalled. “I could be lying, I may have had nothing to do with it, but I’ll say I did, yes, I picked out the cover.”