Hot new songstress Ella Eyre joined Michael and Tinea on KISS FM UK for an exclusive chat and told the pair how the next year will be about establishing herself as an artist rather than just being known for her collaborations.

She talks about how going on tour with Rudimental has prepared her for the big bad world of performing and that her new energetic, almost animalistic stage shows are reminiscent of The Lion King. She is however feeling the pressure for the October release of her debut album but is hopeful that she can emulate the success of pals John Newman, Becky Hill and Sinead Harnett.

Ella said “I did a lot of collaborations last year and I want people to know I am a solo artist, I don’t just piggy back everyone else. I think this year is more about establishing myself so hopefully everyone will enjoy it.”

Talking about her live set training with Rudimental and her Lion King - esque performances she continued “Having been on tour with the Rudimental boys I learnt a lot about what I wanted to achieve in my live set, they have a lot of energy, and that’s exactly what I want. I’m not just karaoke, I’m not just singing songs to you, you have to dance with me, you have to sing with me, whether you know the songs or not.”

“My stage athletics are something. I do like to jump around, I do love having risers to jump off, because I really love seeing the pictures after the shows, with my hair going everywhere, like a lion pit. I like to think there’s this real life Lion King going on.”

On album pressure & following John Newman & co on the path to success she added “I think there’s pressure. If anything I’m just excited, because I’ve been writing the album for three years. I’ve had the privilege of going on tour with the Rudimental boys, seeing their success, being a part of the success, and seeing them grow, and seeing the likes of John Newman do well, and now Becky Hill and Sinead Harnett, branching out. It’s really nice that finally it’s my time, and I hope that people are excited to hear it. The feedback is really encouraging so far, it’s scary but I just can’t wait.”