Ariana Grande is not trying to be like Miley Cyrus.

Both girls found fame at a young age thanks to the Disney Channel, but have now become megastar singers in their own right.

Miley, 21, has undergone a huge transformation since her Disney days, cutting her long locks into a shaved ‘do, sporting tiny outfits and referencing drugs on stage.

Ariana, also 21, seems tame in comparison, but has started brushing off the good girl image by teaming up with feisty rapper Iggy Azalea on smash hit Problem – but Miley she is not.

“There are so many comparisons for girls in this industry it’s annoying,” she complained to British newspaper Daily Star.
“I’m not thinking: ‘Miley Cyrus is doing this so I ought to do this too.’

“We are all trying to do our own things and be successful in our own right.”

However, she won’t deny that she’s keen to show her fans how much she’s grown up.

“I’m always excited by people evolving, changing and growing up. I just get to showcase it on stage,” she explained.

Problem has done both Iggy and Ariana proud, hitting number one in charts all over the world. Ariana admits her life has changed “drastically” over the past few years and she’s now more cautious about being papped when she’s out.

Despite sharing in the success of Problem, it’s her friend Iggy, 24, she’s most proud of.

“Iggy broke a record in the US recently – her song Fancy was number one with Problem number two,” the brunette grinned.
“The last act to do that was The Beatles. I called her and freaked out. I have so much respect for her – she’s so chilled.”