Selena Gomez is said to have broken up with Justin Bieber again over marriage issues.

The pair have been engaged in a tumultuous off/on relationship for several years now and it is claimed they broke up again in recent weeks.

Justin’s manager Scooter Braun got married in Canada on July 6 and apparently Selena was enraged she didn’t get an invite to the nuptials.

“Scooter made it clear that he just wanted Justin as that would allow the focus to be on their special day and not what Justin and Selena were doing,” a source told Hollywood Life. “Justin obeyed Scooter’s wishes which in turn got Selena upset and then got the ball rolling for them to fight and break up and not hang out during the 4th. It all spiraled from there.”

Justin posted an image of himself on Instagram from Scooter’s wedding donned in suave attire. In the photo caption he seemed to have been sending a message to Selena, writing: “Please don’t judge me and I won’t judge you, cuz things could get ugly before they get beautiful.”

Selena, 21, has apparently been having a hard time lately, both in her relationship with Justin and her friendship with Demi Lovato.

Friends and family are said to be so worried about the star, she is being urged to get treatment without delay.

“Family and friends are stressing to Selena that she should enter rehab this weekend,” a source told Hollywood Life. “She is a mess over what Justin has been doing to her, and how he has played with her emotions. She really is taking things hard with the Justin and Demi drama.”

Demi is rumoured to have stopped following her friend on Twitter last week, fuelling speculation the good pals are no longer speaking.