Lady Gaga has boasted once again about playing for thousands following intense criticism from Metallica fans.

The Born This Way singer was attacked by the rocker’s fanbase at the weekend after misattributing a photo of the rockers’ legion of concertgoers as her own.

But Gaga wasn’t dissuaded from bragging about the crowds of ticketgoers who flocked to her show in Ottawa at the weekend, despite coming clean about the mishap last week.

“27,000 fans showed up to the artRave at Bluesfest in Ottawa last night. Seeing all those bodies slamming against each other cheering,” she wrote after the show.

The singer was tangled in controversy Friday after taking to Instagram following her performance in Quebec as part of her ArtRave: The Artpop Ball tour, posting a photo that showed nearly 100,000 people packed into a venue.

"Those little dots are fans, and that's our stage and lights beaming from the center. Unreal 90,000 ppl showed up! What a magical night #artraveQuebec,” she captioned the image.

Within minutes, thousands had liked the photo.

But UK newspaper The Sun reports hawk-eyed followers who took a closer look were quick to notice Mother Monster had made a major mistake.

“That's metallica gaga…” one user wrote, including angry emoticons in the message.

According to the outlet, the photo was in fact taken back in 2011 when Metallica played at the Plains of Abraham for Festival D'ete.

Fans of the heavy metal band were far from pleased, hurling vicious insults at the star.

"This is Metallica and you are sh*t,” another user wrote.

"That's #metal #Metallica concert 2011 b***h .. u #idiot,” one added.

Gaga has kept the photo up on her Instagram page.

But the star confessed to the misattribution on Twitter, insisting it was an honest mistake.

“Was not trying to fool anyone. I love my fans and am celebrating,” she wrote.