Jared Followill is thrilled after U2 welcomed Kings Of Leon to Dublin with a basket of expensive champagne.

The musician posted a picture on Instagram of the gift, along with the note saying “KOL, Welcome to Dublin… The U2’ers”.

Jared captioned the photo with “Always classy. Always welcoming. The band that taught us how to do things on the road.”

Kings of Leon and U2 have been friends for many years, ever since the Irish superstars asked the American band to tour with them in 2005.

Jared was blown away with excitement at the time, and said he couldn’t quite believe it was happening.

“I still can’t believe we’re going to be opening for U2. They’re the biggest band in the world,” Nathan Followill told MTV at the time. “Since the news first came out, we’ve had calls and e-mails from about 300 of our friends and family asking us for tickets.”

While most fans of U2 grew up listening to their music, Nathan said he and his brothers Caleb Followill, Jared Followill and Matthew Followill weren’t allowed to listen to rock.

It wasn’t until they were adults that they discovered how talented and legendary the band is.

“Growing up, we weren’t allowed to listen to U2, so an album like The Joshua Tree, we just discovered that like two years ago. If we were a band that had grown up listening to U2, we’d be a hell of a lot more scared than we are,” Nathan said, explaining why they weren’t intimidated to tour with the group.

“But what we do take from U2 is the realization of how great it would be to be a band for 20 years. We can only fathom how great we could potentially become as long as we keep our heads on straight and don’t get married and divorced two or three times.”