Iggy Azalea has named Scarlett Johansson as her ultimate woman crush.

The Work singer is preparing to wow crowds at UK festival Wireless, which will see the Australian star play in London later today before heading to the Birmingham leg of the shows on Sunday.

Iggy has fast become one of the hottest names in showbiz and is currently gracing the cover of Australian Cosmopolitan. While she now herself is seen as an icon to young girls, Iggy says there are five famous ladies that she still looks up to.

“Scarlett Johansson, she’s my woman crush forever. I love all her films, because I watch them just to look at her. I’m in awe of her beauty on screen," Iggy gushed to British newspaper The Daily Star.

Dolly Parton also made the cut. The legendary country star recently played at another famous UK festival, enthralling the crowds at Glastonbury dressed in a white rhinestone jumpsuit as she strutted around the stage.

“She’s ridiculous, and I love that. She doesn’t take herself seriously, but she’s an amazing songwriter and incredibly tough," Iggy smiled.

Proving that there's not just one musical genre that influences 24-year-old Iggy's tunes, the last three ladies on the list varied from soul music, to rap, to pop.

"Aretha Franklin - she proved you can be seductive, sexy and strong without the image of typical glamour. I love Aretha for that.

"Missy Elliott, she doesn’t conform to what people want her to be. She writes all her own lyrics, and when does that ever happen? She’s a genius," she exclaimed.

Coming in last but by no means least is Beyoncé Knowles, who has recently kicked off her On The Run Tour with husband Jay Z, despite going through a reported hard time in her marriage.

“She has to be in there. She’s amazing, she can do everything," Iggy sighed.