It has been a bad year for Gregg Allman as, for the third time, he has been postponed to change his or the Allman Brothers' touring plans.

Allman checked himself into a hospital for an undisclosed ailment on Monday, forcing the postponement of three dates and the cancellation of his show at this weekend's Waterfront Blues Festival in Portland.

Gregg has faced a bout with bronchitis and a broken wrist earlier this year, forcing previous cancellations. The Allman Brothers were forced to move some of their annual Beacon Theater dates to October because of Allman, shows which now are being called their final as a band.

Peter Dammann, the artistic director for the Waterfront Blues Festival, said "He decided to cancel the gig tonight in Boise yesterday. This morning I called up his agent and said, 'What's going on?' They said, 'We're evaluating, we'll get back to you.' A couple hours later, I got a note from management that said, 'We're canceling the whole tour.' They didn't give us any specifics on what's happening with Gregg."

The festival have brought in local favorite Curtis Salgado to take Allman's place in a show that also includes Boz Scaggs and Joan Osbourne with the Holmes Brothers. Laura Golino de Lovato, a director at the Oregon Food Bank who runs the festival, said "There is no way we could have foreseen this change to our lineup. We are so thankful that Curtis was willing and able to step in. He loves this community and the fans love him. We wish Mr. Allman a quick recovery and while we are all disappointed that he won’t be performing this year, the lineup for the 27th annual Waterfront Blues Festival is still incredible."