Jennifer Lopez feels as if she has “finally come into her own”.

The 44-year-old singer-and-actress released her eighth studio album A.K.A. last month, her first LP since her previous record Love? hit shelves in 2011.

Jennifer looks at the latest offering as a powerful way to express her maturation, as her perspective has altered tremendously within the past decade.

“I wouldn’t say it is a comeback for me. But confidence-wise I feel I’ve just come into my own — in the past six years, to be honest. That is a transformation, it takes time,” she explained to British newspaper The Mirror.

“Now I feel I know who I am and I know what I do. I know how I feel about things and what my point of view on things are.

“I know what I feel good about and what I don’t feel good about and I’m not afraid to voice my views. You get to an age where you are just like, ‘I’m good’.”

Jennifer confesses coming to a peaceful mental state wasn’t always an easy achievement for her.

In the past the stunning songstress often battled with deep confidence issues.

“I’m in showbusiness so it’s hard not to feel insecure,” she explained. “When you are coming up in this business you are riddled with insecurities. Right from the beginning you are being judged and you don’t understand it. You have to learn how to navigate that minefield of being in the public eye. Then you get to a point when you feel you are OK, then it beats you down and you build yourself back up, and pick yourself up again.”