Pitbull will spend America’s Independence Day entertaining troops at the White House.

The Give Me Everything rapper will take the stage in front of US President Barack Obama and more than 1,200 soldiers and their families on the White House’s South Lawn for the United Service Organizations’ July 4th celebration this Friday.

The hip-hop star, born to Cuban expats in Miami, Florida, spoke to the New York Daily News about his excitement about being part of the patriotic event.

“This is the American Dream,” he said. “Thank you to all for making this happen — our troops, the USO and the Obama family — I deeply and truly appreciate it.”

The outlet notes Pitbull had previously campaigned for Obama in Florida during the 2012 presidential election.

The rapper, dubbed Mr. Worldwide, most recently collaborated with Jennifer Lopez and Brazilian pop singer Claudia Leitte on the 2014 FIFA World Cup Anthem, We Are One (Ole Ola).

And he believes the unique combination of Spanish and English lyrics, as well as his work with other stars, is what helps him connect so well with his fans.

“Collaborating to me is so key. Why? Because you're bringing everybody's people together, and you're doing what music is supposed to do — break down barriers [and] beliefs,” he told CNN last month.

“That's what makes this powerful. So the more people I get to collaborate with, the more people I get to touch. When it's organic, natural and fun, people — whether they understand the language or not — it's all about the way you deliver it,” he said.