Ozzy Osbourne has asked wife Sharon to pull the plug on his life should he fall gravely ill.

The 65-year-old Black Sabbath rocker married The Talk co-host in 1982, and in her 2007 autobiography, Sharon revealed the pair had made a “suicide pact”.

Ozzy reveals the spouses have decided to visit Swiss assisted dying organisation Dignitas should he be incapacitated by illness or injury.

“If I can’t live my life the way I’m living it now – and I don’t mean financially – then that’s it...[Switzerland],” he explained to British newspaper The Mirror.

“If I can’t get up and go to the bathroom myself and I’ve got tubes up my a*s and an enema in my throat, then I’ve said to Sharon, ‘Just turn the machine off’.

“If I had a stroke and was paralysed I don’t want to be here. I’ve made a will and it’s all going to Sharon if I die before her, so ultimately it will all go to the kids.”

Ozzy and Sharon, 61, share three children together, including reality star Jack, Fashion Police host Kelly and their second daughter Aimee.

The musician credits his wife of 32 years with helping him remain sober.

“It’s been 480 days since my last drink and I go to the meetings as many times a week as I can,” Ozzy shared.

“Sharon was pretty p**sed off with me [when I relapsed briefly over a year ago]. She’d wait like a praying mantis to catch me out drunk or stoned.

“Last year when I was in a hotel, and she found out, she gets a pot of coffee and throws it in my face. It f**king hurt and I had a red face for days.

"But she’s been great, and we have seen it through.”