Liv Tyler was “embarrassed” by her television debut.

The actress was featured in Aerosmith’s Crazy music video in 1994 alongside Alicia Silverstone, who had previously appeared in two other on-screen creations for the band. The pair are seen taking a road trip together while singing along to the song performed by her father, Steve Tyler, and his band mates.

“Oh my, what?” she gasped in surprise after MTV revealed the clip. “That is f**ked up! 20 years! I remember I was in high school when I made it and I would wake up in the morning for school, put on the MTV countdown. And when the video would come on I’d get so embarrassed, that’s when I would get in the shower, I remember that. Wow, that’s a long time ago.”

Liv also collaborated professionally with her father when his group performed songs in the 1998 film Armageddon. However, while the actress thinks it could be interesting, she doesn’t think there will be a remake of the Crazy video anytime soon.

“No, that would be fun!” she laughed. “Me and Alicia walking around, the MILFs or something? With our children running around behind us?”

The 37-year-old had her first modelling job at the age of 14 and later starred in television commercials. But it was her appearance in her dad’s video that launched her into the spotlight.

As well as starring in major movies such as The Lord of the Rings franchise and The Incredible Hulk, Liv has recently returned to her TV roots and stars in HBO’s new series The Leftovers, which follows people who still remain years after a strange event caused millions of people to vanish.

“There’s so much uncertainty, no one knows what’s going on and it’s really interesting to see the human behaviour — how people cope with that,” she told New York Daily News about the show.