Enrique Iglesias thinks Demi Lovato “makes great music”.

The I Like It singer recently announced that he would be touring the UK with the 21-year-old in November. The Spaniard cannot wait to join forces with the Skyscraper singer, as he has a lot of admiration for her.

“She comes across genuine and very smart, very clever and obviously makes great music,” he told MTV UK. "She's a great artist and I'm really looking forward to touring with her."

The four date tour is in support of the 39-year-old’s recent album, Sex and Love. Enrique is looking forward to playing in front of his British fans after a bit of a hiatus.

“I can't wait to return to the UK - it is always a pleasure to tour here," he said when the tour was announced on June 6. "The fans are absolutely amazing and I am excited to perform tracks from my new album for the first time to all my British fans. It's been three years since I've last toured here so I'm excited to be back."

The Escape singer is known for inviting fans up on stage during his shows to dance.

But despite his current album’s title, Enrique has claimed that he isn’t as raunchy as his lyrics make him out to be.

“I'd make a lousy porn star. I couldn't do it surrounded by cameras,” he told British magazine OK! earlier this year when asked if he ever feels aroused dancing on stage with fans.

As for the subject of love, the son of legendary performer Julio Iglesias believes there are lots of different stages of the emotion.

“I think love goes through different phases in a relationship but, yes I am, because if I wasn't in love I wouldn't be in a relationship,” he said, referring to his long-term girlfriend Anna Kournikova. “I think there's a difference between being in love and being infatuated. When I was younger I confused both. When I'm in love I'm happier, nothing else matters except that person."