Justin Bieber has a “bad influence” in Chris Brown.

Justin, 20, has had an on-again off-again relationship with singer Selena Gomez for years, and after their recent reconciliation, the couple are said to be ready to live together. However, the singer’s wild behaviour and friendship with Chris Brown is cause for concern, especially as he has been in so much trouble recently.

“Everyone knows that Chris Brown is a bad influence on him,” a source close to Selena revealed to HollywoodLife. “Justin always gets up to no good when he parties with him because he feels like he needs to show off. Plus, there’s all kinds of girls around willing to do whatever, it’s a recipe for disaster and Selena knows that.”

Justin and Chris began hanging out again after the 25-year-old singer’s release from prison, after he served 108 days for reportedly breaking the rules of a rehabilitation facility where he was court-ordered to seek help for anger issues.

The two are also rumoured to be recording together again and are “hungry” to produce a hit, a source previously told the outlet.

Chris and Justin played against each other in the BET Celebrity Basketball Game last month. And it is claimed Justin completely forgets about his girlfriend when he hangs out with his guy friends.

“Once he goes back into cool mode there’s really not much Selena or anyone can do to get through to him,” an insider added.

Selena and Justin first began dating in 2010 but split in 2012. In between their unions, Justin has been photographed with a number of beautiful women, reportedly causing Selena’s insecurities to mount.