Ricky Martin is desperate to have "daddy's little girl".

The 42-year-old singer is father to twin boys Matteo and Valentino, who were born via surrogate in 2008. He loves being a dad and although he has been single since the breakdown of his relationship with González Abella in January, he won't rule out expanding his brood.

"I want daddy's little girl," he told People. "[Being a parent] enhances everything. I'm only starting… I want more kids!"

The twins follow their dad everywhere and enjoy being with him when he's performing. It makes Ricky wonder if they might follow in his footsteps when they grow up.

"They love being on the road. They're very musical kids and they are little artists. They're little mini-me's!" he laughed.

"I don't know what's going to happen in the future, but whatever they choose and whatever they decide to become, I will be right there supporting them."

Ricky enjoys being in a relationship but isn't obsessed about finding the perfect partner. That said he knows what he looks for in a guy, which is someone who compliments him. Anyone he dates needs to have the "same vision" as Ricky, but should differ in some ways too.

"I am more of a dreamer, so I want someone that is a little bit more realistic than me… someone that can complement my creative madness and can bring me down when I'm in the middle of my creative chaos," he explained. "I love commitment."

Ricky has founded a non-profit organisation and the centre in Puerto Rico aims to help kids who have been exploited. At the moment much of his focus is going on the project, which he hopes will prove to children that they can live happy and fulfilling lives.

"We're going to give a holistic approach in our education system and just offer them choices… rehabilitate them and let them know there's a very beautiful life outside of exploitation," he explained.