Leona Lewis is "not really serious".

The X-Factor winner is known for her intense, brooding songs including Bleeding Love and her cover of Snow Patrol's Run. But the British songstress says she is much more light-hearted than her music makes her seem.

"I love having a laugh,” the 29-year-old told British newspaper The Daily Express. “It’s true that a lot of my songs are very passionate and that’s the kind of music I’m drawn to, but I’m not really serious, dark and poised like that.”

Leona's music could see some changes now that she switched record labels. It was recently announced that the singer had left Simon Cowell's record company Syco and joined Island Records, part of rival music giant Universal.

"I’ve been on the same label for seven years and it just felt like time for a change. Island is iconic – it’s the home of Bob Marley," she explained. "To get this offer is just incredible for me. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.”

Leona may have won the singing competition in 2006, but nearly eight years on, she still loves touring and performing.

When she does get free time, she admits she doesn't actually know what to do with herself.

"Travelling to me is normal – it’s just part of what I do,” she smiled. “When I’m at home for any length of time, I start re-arranging stuff in my house, maybe out of boredom. I’m so used to being on the road that it’s like home to me and I can literally sleep anywhere. I was like that as a baby, too – put me in a chair now and I’ll go to sleep.”