Ozzy Osbourne "can't imagine anything better" than being knighted.

The 65-year-old rocker is the focus of a petition started by Australian superfan Helen Maidiotis, who wants to see him honoured by Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II. Helen believes the knighthood is "well deserved and long overdue" for Ozzy, who found fame with iconic rock band Black Sabbath.

He may not have much knowledge about the appeal, but Ozzy is thrilled by it.

"I've heard about that. Getting knighted? I can't imagine anything better," he smiled to British magazine Time Out London. "And my wife [Sharon] would become a Lady, which would be pretty cool. But I'm not gonna get upset if it doesn't happen. I never thought I'd get further than Aston [in Birmingham, England, where he was born]."

Ozzy founded the group in 1969 alongside current members Geezer Butler and Tony Iommi and former drummer Bill Ward. They released their 19th album, 13, last year and have gained a huge level of fame worldwide.

Ozzy admits he doesn't look back at how far he has come often, but is grateful for the success.

"I don't do that [look back], but I guess I should a bit more. Because I know when I had my first successful album with Black Sabbath I thought: ‘Oh, this is great, this will last a couple of years, I'll just get drunk every night and have a few chicks in my room,’" he recalled. "And here I am, 45 years down the road, and I'm doing better than ever. I haven't always been on top of the world, there have been bad times as well, but you don't just give up at the first sign of choppy waters, you carry on rowing."