Power has finally been turned back on to all stages at Glastonbury after an electrical storm caused the festival to be shut down after safety fears.

Rudimental were ushered from the stage mid set as the storm drew closer. The technical crew ran onto the stage to tell bewildered members to abandon their set.

Members of the crowd began booing unaware of the situation until another stage manager explained an electric storm meant it was not safe to continue.

"We're quite upset but we had a great time anyway," said Rudimental's multi-instrumentalist producer Amir Amor.

"We managed to shut down Glastonbury," he joked. "We called upon the Gods to have some lightning strike at the right time.

"Unfortunately, we had to get off the stage. They forced us off, which is a bit annoying, because we wanted to finish our set."

The band were allowed to return to the stage to take a bow, but the electricity had been cut and they missed the last two songs from their set list, including the number one single Feel The Love.

"We thought we were going to go back on," said keyboard player Kesi Dryden, "but unfortunately it was the end of our set.

"But before that it was an amazing show. We had a lot of fun and hopefully we can come back next year and give them our full set."

Lightning connected to the ground near to the event during its height.

Glastonbury organisers tweeted: "All stages are up and running after the short delay. Some set times are being adjusted slightly."

The festival continues today with more rain and storms forecast.