Yoko Ono has placed “wish trees” all around Glastonbury Festival.

The 81-year-old artist will be performing at the annual UK summer music event on Sunday with American band Yo La Tengo as her backing musicians.

Yoko is elated to step on Glastonbury grounds, as she suspects many wishes will come true.

“I’m looking forward to say hello to my old friends. Also I want to explore all the different areas,” she told British newspaper The Mirror.

“I’ve got some wish trees around the site where people can put their wishes on the tree and then they are all eventually sent to the Imagine peace Tower in Reyjkavik via me.”

Although Yoko loves the festival spirit, she won’t be camping out in the mud with many of the other concertgoers.
She is choosing to reside at a place that offers a shower and bed this time round.

“No, I'm staying in a hotel. I will have just flown in from New York and I heard it might be muddy so I want to be able to put everything into my performance and I think that might be tough if I just crawled out of a tent. A tent would have been cooler, probably. But I'm not vain,” she detailed.

Yoko believes her late husband, The Beatles musician John Lennon, would be deeply moved by the festival if he were alive to attend.

“Yes, he would have loved it, I'm sure. Because the music is great but it’s about so much more than the music,” she explained.

“I have never been to Glastonbury. Obviously I've heard lots about it and I know lots of other musicians who have played, but this is a first for me.”