Selena Gomez is reportedly “addicted” to Justin Bieber.

The pair have had an on-again off-again relationship for years, and are even said to be ready to live together.

But Selena’s family are apparently deeply worried about the way she focuses on Justin at the expense of everything else.

“Justin’s a bad habit for Selena,” a source close to the couple told US OK! magazine. “She just can’t let go.”

The pair reportedly partied at Hollywood hotspot until the early hours on June 16, and the very next day police were called to Selena’s Los Angeles mansion to break up a loud party.

The singer’s wild behaviour is a cause of concern for her friends, especially as Justin has been in so much trouble recently.
“Her friends think it’s going to end in tears,” says the source. “There’s too much hurt there. No one wants her relying on this crazy codependent relationship, but they’re addicted to each other.”

Selena’s apparent reliance is having an affect on more than just her emotional health. The young pop star is also said to be considering plastic surgery to keep Justin interested.

“Selena is putting a huge amount of pressure on herself to be sexy because she’s afraid of losing Justin,” an insider revealed to “She’s been asking people if they think she should get her boobs done because all the girls he was with have bigger boobs than her. She feels like she needs to be the hottest girl in the world to keep his attention.”