Kim Kardashian has reportedly had enough of being snubbed by Beyoncé Knowles.

The reality star had hoped the singer would attend her wedding to Kanye West last month in Florence, Italy as their husbands are best friends. But Beyoncé and beau Jay Z were a no-show, and this has proved to be the final straw for Kim say sources.

"Kim's spent years trying to get close to her but, with every let down, she's felt more depressed," a source told British magazine Heat. "It's the effect Beyoncé's always had on Kim, but not anymore. She's finally had enough."

The 33-year-old may have given up on trying to form her own friendship, but she is reportedly keen for Kanye to make amends with Jay Z. The two rappers have been best friends for years but the Yeezus star is said to be furious with Jay for his no show at his wedding. Kim allegedly decided to invite the 99 Problems performer round for dinner when they were all in New York earlier this month but things didn't go to plan.

"They barely spoke," the source continued. "Kanye was fuming that Kim had gone behind his back and wouldn't listen as Jay made small talk and tried to apologise for letting him down. He explained again that it was Beyoncé's decision. Jay left after ten minutes, then Kim and Kanye had a big argument that left Kim in tears. She's really unhappy, and is saying it’s all Beyoncé's fault."

However the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star won't give up on repairing her husband's friendship with his best friend. But as for her own relationship with Beyoncé, she's reportedly done.

"Kim is still praying he makes things up with Jay," the insider said. "Whatever happens, though, she's washing her hands of Beyoncé. She's sick of pandering to her."