For the last four years, a new Crosby, Stills and Nash project revolving around covers of some of their favourite songs has been on again/off again.

The album was started in 2010 under the direction of Rick Rubin but the trio did not see eye-to-eye with the producer and, after recording seven tracks, none of which "excited us", they shut the project down. Graham Nash told Billboard "Rick and Crosby got into an argument and that day it was done. If Crosby is not into it – if any of us are not into it – it ends, ever more so when David doesn’t want to do something."

Nash also told the magazine that Sony owns the original seven masters but doesn't have permission to issue them. Instead, the three have recently reentered the studio and laid down five new tracks, all covers, that they hope will be the start of the new album.

Recording of the balance of the album will have to wait until after their current tour ends in October. They then would have time to re-enter the studio for additional cuts before finding a label to release the album.

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