Chris Brown has rejected a plea deal in his assault case.

The 25-year-old singer was close to reaching an agreement that would have kept him out of jail. But his defence team could not reach a pact with prosecutors on what Chris would agree happened in October last year.

"They wanted him to read from a script that wasn't true," Chris’ attorney Mark Geragos said after the hearing, according to ABC News.

Prosecutor Kevin Chambers said Wednesday they offered a deal for Brown to plead guilty to simple assault and time served. But defence lawyers and prosecutors couldn't agree on a statement of facts about what happened outside the W Hotel in Washington.

The Forever singer is accused by a fan of hitting him after he tried to get in a photograph the singer was taking with two women. At the time, Chris was on probation for a 2009 attack on singer Rihanna, his then girlfriend.

However Chris has always denied that he attacked the man.

If the star had pleaded guilty to assault, he would not have to serve any additional time in jail. But now that the case is going to trial, incarceration could be on the cards again.

Chris was released from prison earlier this month after serving 108 days inside for breaking the rules of a rehabilitation facility he was in to deal with his personal problems and anger issues.

Since leaving jail, Chris has reportedly been trying to clean up his act.

TMZ reported soon after his release that he is cutting off people in his life he believes are a bad influence on him, especially those who partake in drugs and are connected to gangs.