Barrie-James O’Neill says his relationship with Lana Del Rey is “not over”.

The Video Games singer revealed on Tuesday that she was “not together” with the Kassidy musician. But the Scot seems to have a different view on their relationship.

“It’s not over, it’s not over, don’t believe what you read, it’s not over,” he told TMZ. “It’s just stories, bedtime stories. It’s just papers man, it’s just to help to sell them.”

The couple had dated since 2011 and were spotted house hunting together in July last year. More recently they were rumoured to be engaged, after Lana was spotted wearing a large diamond ring. But the singer seemed to confirm to Swiss outlet Minuten that the relationship was now over.

“We are currently not together,” she said. “He is a wonderful man. But there are certain things he has to overcome with. I will not give details. It was hard for our relationship. I was no longer feeling free. Let’s see how things go on from here.”

While Barrie-James seems to think differently to the 28-year-old about where they’re at in their relationship, he had nothing but praise for his beloved. He revealed the pair have often made music together and that he rated Lana’s latest record.

“We have done for a long time [make music together]” he said, before adding, “Ultraviolence is ultra-good.”

While Barrie-James had only good things to say about Lana, the Summertime Sadness singer was a bit more realistic about their day-to-day relationship. She admitted in an interview earlier this year that their complex characters didn’t always gel well together.

“I would be lying if I said it wasn’t difficult. He is a much darker character than most people I’ve ever met,” she shared with British newspaper The Sun. “We always joke around about how we should have found simpler counterparts.”