Yoko Ono thinks she's crazy for doing Glastonbury.

The annual music festival, one of the most popular dates in the British music calendar, kicks off properly on Friday and has a varied and diverse line-up of artists including Dolly Parton, Metallica and Arcade Fire.

Yoko will also be there to entertain the crowds, and it marks her first foray into the famous event.

"Never," she admitted to British magazine NME about attending the festival. "But this year Sean, my son, said to me that I had to do it. So I thought, 'OK.’ Once I'd said yes I started saying to myself, 'Are you crazy?' But I'm doing it."

At 81, Yoko isn't fazed by the music event but rather is embracing all it has to offer.

"[It feels] great! I'm a lucky girl," she enthused.

She'll be playing The Park Stage on Sunday evening, which sees St. Vincent's set following her own. Yoko doesn't know if she'll hang about to see the other acts that follow her, and still doesn't even know what set she'll be playing the crowds.

"I'm a throwing-the-dice kind of girl. Girl power!" she laughed.

Glastonbury is set in over 900 acres of land, and entertains around 180,000 people every year.

One of the best loved areas inside the festival is the Left Field, which plays host to young artists mixing pop and politics together.

Yoko has scheduled a stop off there and is pleased to hear some of the activities on offer to music lovers - especially the ones that involve a memorial she set up for late husband John Lennon.

"I know that they are creating a space for wish trees. I was glad to hear that. People should know that their wishes will be collected and be sent to Imagine Peace Tower in Iceland," she said.