Ariana Grande is making the most of her last days of “childhood”.

The pretty popstar will be turning 21 tomorrow, June 26. To celebrate the milestone age, the singer is spending time at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

She shared a cute snap of herself cuddling up to Mickey Mouse with her Twitter followers.

“spending my last few days as a non 21 year old in one of my favorite childhood places with my favorite people (sic),” she captioned the shot.

“having the best birthday trip, sorry I haven't been tweeting too much.. looove to u loves (sic),” she added.

It’s an exciting time for Ariana, who has a lot of new music coming out. She recently introduced single Problem, featuring Iggy Azalea, and is now teasing fans with the prospect of a new track from her upcoming second album. She’s told them it will be called Break Free and feature Zedd.

“the loves waiting for #breakfree.... (yes that's the new single name... yes it's the 1 w @zedd) more details sooon,” she promised.

“:) i'm excited ?? & u'll have it sooner than u think..... gonna surprise u with the 10 day countdown again. who knows when it'll start

“p.s. don't be mad when I say "soon" my loves every time I've said it recently I've pulled thru & u know it !! I mean wwhheennniiisaaayy soon (sic).”

Ariana’s first record Yours Truly was released last year and shot straight to number one in the US Billboard 200.