Michelle Williams will never separate herself from her Destiny’s Child bandmates.

The singer is working on her album Journey To Freedom, which will be released this fall. The project’s single Say Yes features Michelle’s Destiny’s Child band mates Beyoncé Knowles and Kelly Rowland, with the three women already shooting a promo for it.

“It’s not going on a Destiny’s Child album, it’s going on my album featuring Beyoncé and Kelly, the same way Kelly featured us on her album. But no matter how much we try to separate ourselves when we’re together, it is what it is - this is the group,” Michelle told MTV News.

Journey To Freedom marks Michelle’s fourth solo record, and it was always part of Michelle’s plan to work with Beyoncé and Kelly on the project. In fact, the trio made a promise to continue teaming up on each other’s solo projects, “whether that is appearing with Beyoncé from time to time on her tours, or on shows, or Kelly’s album”.

“It feels wonderful [to work with them], and no matter how much we try to say it’s not a Destiny’s Child song [it doesn't matter],” Michelle explained.

The reunion, which apparently came together after Beyoncé and Kelly heard Michelle’s single and loved it, was supposed to be kept a secret. However, when the girls went to shoot video for the song in a residential area, all bets were off.

“We filmed at somebody's house, and they probably got excited and called their cousins and friends and, next thing you know, the whole town was on one street,” Michelle previously told The Hollywood Reporter. “I woke up to the news of the song being leaked and I just hate when that happens because it was an unmastered version.”