With its unique and extraordinary setting, the ancient town of Vasto presents itself as one of the most charming spots of central Italy.

It is here, in Vasto, where the first edition of the Siren Festival will take place. An ever-growing schedule of enticing live shows, special events, movie screenings and exhibitions will take place between the 24th and the 27th of July.

Expect to be captivated by its historical and geographical location. Featuring many beautiful Sixteenth century palaces, courtyards, quaint upper town alleys, squares facing the gulf like terraces and stunning beaches.

Vasto Siren Festival will also give the audience the opportunity to discover Vasto’s beauties - from the natural reserve of Punta Aderci to Vasto Marina’s seaside pavillions and over to the old town, across a musical soundtrack that will see international attractions provide for a programme worth the best festivals in Europe. All this will make Siren a unique experience in the Italian festival landscape.

Not just a series of concerts as much as four days of fun, chilling, DJ sets, film screenings and food feasts.

Our advice is to take two days off work, pack your bag with your swimsuit and bat and ball. Prepare yourself for a long weekend of swimming, aperitif on the beach, delicious meals in selected restaurants and unforgettable concerts.

When the sun goes down, Vasto Siren Festival will take things to another realm with DJ sets on the beach, under the stars screenings of films and music themed documentaries.

Pietro Fuccio – DNA Concerti and Vasto Siren Festival Organiser said“We are trying to create a festival able to bring together people from different countries. We wanted to do that by selecting a captivating and diverse lineup”.

“A Festival has to be fun. You need to go there knowing that for three days you will meet new people, you will have fun, you will discover bands and artists you never heard of or alternatively you will just get the chance to learn more in depth about bands and artists you already know.
You will eat amazing Italian food, sunbathe and do thousands of things all in the name of arts and fun. These are our guidelines”.
“We want take the town over and transform it, making things happen in every corner of the city”.

and more to be announced!

25 July 2014 – Vasto (CH) – Italy - Siren festival
The National, Dry the River, The Soft Moon, The Drones

26 July 2014 – Vasto (CH) – Italy - Siren festival
Mogwai, John Grant, Fuck Buttons, Tycho, Alexis Taylor

THE NATIONAL & MOGWAI will perform in Piazza del Popolo

Friday 25: 40 euros + d.p.
Saturday 26: 35 euros + d.p.
Full Festival tickets: 60 euro+d.p
www.ticketone.it call center 892 101
www.vivaticket.it call center 892.234
www.ticket.it call center 02-54271

siren@sirenfest.com - www.sirenfest.com


Back from the success of their dazzling album ‘Trouble will find me’, released in 2013 for 4AD, and which earned them a Grammy Award nomination as Best Alternative Album 2013, The NY based band lead by Matt Berninger is back in Italy. Trouble will find me, The National’s sixth album,
legitimised for good the band as one of the most important and influential rock bands of the contemporary music scene.

"It’s the plushest, most burnished album from a New York City band that has increasingly leaned toward the measured and stately.” - New York Times, John Parelas

"The terse phrases and single-tone exclamations of guitarists Bryce and Aaron Dessner hang around Berninger’s baritone gravity like clouded starlight." - Rolling Stone, David Fricke, 4/5

"They have pulled off another album for the modern age, and its stories live in each of us" – NME

THE NATIONAL formed back in 1999 when Aaron Dessner (guitars, bass, piano), Bryce Dessner (guitar), Scott Devendorf (guitar; bass), Bryan Devendorf (drums) and Matt Berninger (vocals), found each other again after moving from OHIO to Brooklyn, NY.

Since the very beginning THE NATIONAL received exceptional feedbacks by the International music critics. However it was only in 2005 that with the striking 'ALLIGATOR', one of the most-loved and on everyone's lips independent album in 2005 – also Described by UNCUT Magazine as a true ‘masterpiece’ –, that the band reached a wider International audience. Some of the credit for this success has to go to their memorable live performances.
This is how, through the years, THE NATIONAL found themselves surrounded by an ever growing fanbase and a cult that hasn’t been seen in many years.